About FLINT Creative Blog

Starting this blog as an outlet for frustration and also to keep notes about my design and web/app development business @ FLINT Creative

My name is Fred Lin, Singaporean. Amongst several other professional roles, in this context, I am digital media expert, UI/UX designer and web/app developer.

Largely self-taught, I have designed and built over 100 websites, from PSD mockups to HTML/CSS, from jQuery to AngularJS, from WordPress to Ionic Framework, etc.

I started FLINT Creative in Shanghai in 2013, and have continuously serviced a good number of clients here, more noteworthy ones are the people at Avazu Holding where I handled all of their platform’s UI/UX design and development, as well as DiningCity Asia, where I also helped them design and build their DiningCity.cn website and Restaurantweek.cn website.

Ever since 2015, I started working on building apps as well, because that’s the new trend in the industry.

Unfortunately, technology was really getting ahead of my knowledge, and I had to scramble my ass to learn new stuff like angularJS, ionic framework, gulp, grunt, etc.

In 2016, I realised this shit I just learnt was getting replaced. In fact, nearly ALL of the shit I had learnt was getting replaced.

AngularJS1 was going to AngularJS2.

Ionic Framework 1 was also following suit.

I was contemplating learning ReactJS with React Native, but then decided to drop the idea to instead learn Swift 3 to code native apps.

Therefore, I needed this blog to record down my observations, notes, migration differences, etc.

Maybe, just maybe you might find some useful information as well.


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