Laravel Passport Routes Not Found

Woes of a programmer.

The building process actually is very satisfying and quick.

It is when shit that is unexplained happens, and you spend many hours, even days to troubleshoot and solve the problem that makes you want to pull your hair out.

In this case, I am experiencing a series of 404 errors in my Laravel Passport implementation.

It was working fine before when I first tested the project, back when the project was quite blank.

Suddenly now, upon loading the Vue frontend for the OAuth server, I get a 404 route not found for all the OAuth routes, /clients, /tokens, /personal-access-tokens, /scopes



Sorry to disappoint, couldn’t find the cause.

Started a fresh Laravel installation, installed Passport and the Vue Frontend, verified it worked, Installed Laravel/Cors plugin, which I thought was the cause, verified everything worked, everything worked.

Copied over all the controllers and services I did before, everything works.

Fuck you very much. 6 hours of my life I’m never getting back.


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