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Configuring Supervisor for Amazon Linux in 2017

Fucking pain in the ass. I remember 1 year ago, this process used to be super straight forward and easy.

Anyway with Laravel 5.5 and Amazon Linux in December 2017, here is what I did to make it work.

Install Supervisor

Create supervisor OS config file. This is DIFFERENT from the Supervisor config that runs your process(es). This is for initialising Supervisor in Linux and allow it to be run as a service.


Edit supervisor and enter the following:

Change permissions to allow it to be read and executed.

Check if process is running

Try running it

For some reason, my service became supervisor instead of supervisord

Create Supervisor Config file for laraval worker.

Paste this:

Run supervisord to see if its working. For some reason mine only worked in sudo if i put the full path, i.e. /usr/local/bin/supervisord

The command is:

If i’m not wrong running supervisord will also automatically load the file.


Add service to your start up workers.

Restart your motherfucking server, and it should be running by default.