About Me

My name is Fred Lin. I hail from the sunny island of Singapore, but have deserted my country to live in Shanghai for the past 10 years.

I studied Multimedia back in Singapore, and have been a designer and coder for the past 10 years, and have spanned from Flash/Actionscript to Html4/CSS2 to HTML5/CSS3, PHP, AngularJS and Ionic Framework 1-2, and now SWIFT3 for native iOS apps. It’s been quite a learning journey.

I’ve designed and developed many works, some of which you can find on my portfolio at http://flcs.co, which was a design studio I founded after I decided top stop being freelance, and ended the company in 2016 after I decided I wanted to go back to being freelance.

I’m going to end this little introduction right here. I will update this again in future.