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Laravel Vue App not appearing in Internet Explorer? Here’s the fix.

So I had a production app running for awhile, and finally after hundreds of users, one came forward and said my app is broken.

Confuzzled, I investigated the issue with the user, because all previous/current tests had been fine.

Turns out it was an Internet Explorer compatibility problem.

Specifically, the part of the app that was rendered in vuejs was not showing.

Even more specifically, it was not the entire vuejs section, but only the data retrieval section of the vuejs app that was not showing.

Looking at IE console, revealed an error showing that promise was not recognised.

Turns out that we need to install an es6 polyfill for promise support, in this case, with the axios plugin.

Thankfully, installing the polyfill is very simple, broken down in simply 3 steps.

Go into the laravel root folder, and install the es6 promise plugin via npm.

After that is successful, edit the app.js for your view initialiser, probably at /resources/assets/js/app.js

and add

recompile your laravel assets with

and you’re all set.